Gyümölcsért Ltd.

Gyümölcsért Ltd. is an acknowledged grower and producer organization working since 2003. Its main activity is to organize the sales of the stone fruits grown by its members. Gyümölcsért is growing and selling mostly apricots, but besides this the company sales nectarine, peach, plum and cherry to the fresh markets of the European Union. The Producer Organization have a Spanish members since 2012, in this way we are able to ensure fresh apricot supply to our customers uniquely in Europe for 5 months, from the end of April until the beginning of September. Our prime target markets are the multinational supermarket chains, but our products can be found in markets and smaller stores all over Europe by means of our wholesalers. From 2014 Gyümölcsért Kft became the member of Fairfruit Group, which join provides further market possibilities to the company.

Our aims

The realization of the prime fruit growing; the initiation of the collective making-goods, packing, storage and assumptions of the sales. Furthermore adapt the variety selections and the produced quantities for the market expectations, in order to present unified, but excellent qualitative products on the markets.

  • Fair cooperation on every growing land by saving the local values.
  • Our clients high-class services with fresh products in favor of enhancing the customers healthiness.
  • Transparent, effective work with our growers and partners with securing fair revenues in order to ensure the effective and sustainable development for them.

„Pick it fair Get it fresh”

Gyümölcsért Ltd. in Yearly Figures




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The Gyümölcsért production and sales organization provides the major part of the Hungarian apricot production with its 79 members. Our growers are using intensive production technology which are suitable to produce qualitative stone fruits to the fresh market expectations. The organization has got Spanish and Austrian members also. Our growers with greater production site are:

  • Albaricoques Del Sur

    Albaricoques Del Sur SLU was created in 2014, the field are located in Burguillos. 120 hectares of apricots, peaches and nectarines for a production of 1’800 tons per year.

    The fields are certified GLOBAL GAP and GRASP.

  • Aranykajszi Ltd.

    Address: 6100. Kiskunfélegyháza, VIII. Kerület 99/A
    Apricot varieties: Pinkcot, Sylred, Hungarian apricot, Gönci Hungarian apricot, Ceglédi arany, Bergeron, Bergarouge, Kioto, Vertige.
    Area: 25.1 hectares of apricot, 7.0 hectares of plum, 5.7 hectares of peach.
    Phone: 00 36 77 481 525
    Director: István Buszlai (00 36 30 655 2398).
    The orchard can be found in the historical Kecskeméti terroir, in Kecskemét-Makópuszta.
    Modern production technology with intensive compact-vase crown.
    The irrigation system, the rational nutrient supply and the integrated plant protection program provide the conditions for a qualitative work.
    In addition the Aranykajszi Ltd. are producing plums and peaches also.
    Plum Varieties: Empress, Stanley
    Peach Varieties: Babygold 6, Suncrest, Padana, Fayette, Earl Redhaven, Redhaven
  • Balaton Fruit Ltd.

    Address: 8171 Balatonvilágos, Külterület 030/9 hrsz.
    Cultivated varieties: Tomcot, Goldstrike, Flavorcot, Bergarouge, Bergeron, Jumbo Cot, Zebra, Giant Red, Firm Red
    Area: 49.66 hectares of apricot and 2.0 hectares f cherry.
    8171 Balatonvilágos, Hűtőház 030/4 hrsz
    Központi iroda:
    Phone: 00 36 88 596 840, 00 36 88 573 202
    Fax: 00 36 88 596 841

    Director: Zoltán Szabó
    Phone: 00 36 30 9896 098

    The Balaton Fruit Ltd. was found in 1998 and located in Balatonvilágos on the southern shore of Lake Balaton. The Ltd are producing stone fruits on more than 55 hectares among intensive conditions. The intensive production, the right production technological element using aim the appropriate quality and quantities of the crops.

  • Barackmag Ltd.

    Address: 3885 Boldogkőváralja Külterület 068/8 hrsz
    Cultivated varieties: Bergarouge, Bergeron
    Area: 12 Hectares
    Phone: 00 36 46 587 477
    The company activities started in 2000, the first plantations were cherry varieties. The next years they improved the area of apricots and nowadays the Barackmag Ltd are doing integrated fruit production on 4 hectares cherry and 8 hectares apricot.
  • Fésűs Attila

    Address: 3900 Szerencs Bekecsi út 6
    Cultivated varieties: Tom Cot, Goldbar, Goldstrike, Flavor Cot, Bergarouge
    Area: 12,7 ha
    Phone: 00 36 47 556 028
    The orchard can be found in Monok, the slopes location provides less sensitiveness against the frost.
  • Kóczi Kajszi Bt.

    Address: 3885 Boldogkőváralja Kossuth u. 7.
    Cultivated varieties: Ceglédi óriás, Gönci magyar, Jumbo Cot, Bergarouge, Flavor Cot
    Area: 11,5 ha
    Phone.: 00 36 20 583 8579
    The orchard working as a family company. In 2000 the first 3.5 hectares was planted with Hungarian varieties. Later they improved the apricot plantation and today they are producing on 11,5 hectares.
  • Kurilla 2000 Bt.

    Address: 3860 Encs Bethlen G. u. 18.
    Cultivated varieties: Sunny Cot, Perle Cot, Flavor Cot, Tardif de Valence, Tom Cot
    Area: 45 ha
    Phone.: 00 36 30 466 2986
    The first plantation was in 2005. The next plantation was in 2014 in the autumn so now they are producing fruit in intensive conditions on 45 hectares. The company would like to develop its orchard in the future.
  • Monok-Kajszi Ltd.

    Address: 3905 Monok Külterület 0149/3
    Cultivated varieties: Oscar, Milord, Memphis
    Area: 17 ha
    Phone.: 00 36 47 556 028
    The orchard was planted in 2013. Its location allows a diminution of the frost risk. The orchard are unified, the trees growing are the same, the crown shape regular.
  • Mono-Plant Ltd.

    Address: 3903 Bekecs Béke u. 72.
    Cultivated varieties: Flavor Cot, Goldbar, Goldstrike, Tardif de Valence, Magic Cot
    Area:20 ha
    Tel.: 00 36 47 556 028
    The 20 hectares orchard can be found west from Boldogkőváralja. They are doing integrated fruit production on the field which was planted in 2004.
  • North-Cot Ltd.

    Address: 3885 Boldogkőváralja Külterület 068/8 hrsz
    Cultivated varieties: Bergarouge, Bergeron, Flavor Cot, Lady Cot, Jumbo Cot, Tardif de Valence, Goldbar, Goldstrike
    Area: 99,8 ha
    Phone.: 00 36 46 587 477
    The LTD was found in 1998. The first plantation was in 1999 with 10 hectares. After year by year plantations were developed and today the total area is about 100 hectares. They are doing integrated fruit cultivation.
  • Sárga Arany Ltd.

    Address: 3885 Boldogkőváralja Külterület 068/8 hrsz
    Cultivated varieties: Bergarouge, Bergeron, Chrisgold, Flavor Cot, Lili Cot, Magic Cot, Wonder Cot
    Area: 16 ha
    Phone.:06 46 587 477
    The company found in 2000 and planted the first trees in 2002. During the last years the developing was continuously and nowadays the Sárga Arany Ltd. producing on 16 hectares, from which 10 hectares apricot and 6 hectares plum.


The Gyümölcsért Ltd. consultancy tasks are the following:

  • Cultivation technologies by varieties
  • New varieties testing in large-scale conditions and adaption
  • Crop estimation and monitoring
  • Nutrient supply advising
  • Plant protection program in line with the customer’s requirements
  • Operation of quality assurance systems
  • Carrying out research and development tasks
  • Providing advices from domestic and European Union supports
  • Running newsletter system
  • Organization of trainings

Quality management

Our growers are producing following GLOBAL GAP quality assurance system requirements. In order to produce qualitative fruits the company’s professional advisors and foreign consultants helps to select and improve the used technological elements.

The GRASP certification evaluate our growers social practices, including as important aspects like: the healthy, safety and welfare of the employees.

Adapted to the fresh market expectations, the necessary technology, quality and quality management systems (HACCP, BRC, IFS, TPPS) provide the safety of products during the product preparation time.

Packhouses and products

The product treatments and the used modern technological elements provides the products quality and traceability, the clients and customers high-class services.

The Gyümölcsért Kft own two pack houses in Hungary, one near Balaton Lake in Balatonvilágos and the other one in North of Hungary close to the Tokay wine region in the Gönci terroir in Boldogkőváralja. The total areas of the two pack houses is 6000 m2, which are suitable to grade and pack more than 200 tons of fruits per day. Our cold stores facilities are able to store 1300 tons of fruits at the same time.

By our Spanish growers, we are in connection with two additional pack houses, in Murcia and in Sevilla. Our Portuguese partner provides us organic fruits.



Gyümölcsért Ltd. is taking care about clients actual needs and wishes in term of packaging and other specifics demands.

Typical package modes:

4,5 - 6 kg fruit in single layer

9 x 1 kg fruit in punnet

10 x 1 kg fruit in punnet

5 - 10 kg fruit in loose

Product calendar

Apricots five months of the year



The primary target market of the company are the multinational supermarkets, but our products can be found also on the smaller markets and shops shelfs all over Europe. Firstly Austrian, German, Swiss and the Poland fresh markets.
The Gyümölcsért Ltd. sales managers are paying attention individually to every clients, therefore our clients can develop a personal relation with our traders.


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